Covid-19 Update

As a Medical / Health Care Provider, our clinic is permitted to stay open, there are no restrictions regarding appointments as long as we follow COVID-19 Secure guidelines. We will continue to provide normal care treatment services to those in high needs of treatment and those in need of urgent care. Please make a call to book an appointment. If you would like to receive herbal medicine by courier, please leave your address/contact information by KakaoTalk/ Whatsapp or text message and we will kindly consult you over the phone.

Appointment and contact: 07954385181. 

Be healthy and keep your spirits high. Love & blessings 🙏✨

지혜한의원은 의료서비스를 제공하는 건강케어 제공처로서 질병 진단과 치료 서비스를 계속해서 제공유지 할 수 있음을 알려드립니다 🙏✨


we genuinely care about your health

Release, Relax, Regenerate


Dear Reader,

I have always valued  authenticity, honesty and compassion; when I first decided to set up my own clinic it was vital that these values were implemented in every aspect of the work I do. I  treat every client with compassion and respect, knowing that everyone has their own story and has been on a journey completely unique to them.

During my own journey of healing I discovered the capacity for powerful change that comes with it. Realising that healing is an opportunity for transformational growth to take place, my passion for healing was born. I want to help others going through this journey, envisioning a future where everyone is compassionate and understanding to one another so we can help each other heal and grow.

We offer a wide range of treatments thanks to the fantastic team I work with including: acupuncture, herbal medicine, hypnotherapy, counselling and others. I hope you find something that resonates with you. 

We are not your ordinary clinic; we genuinely care about your health. It is our passion to help you on your journey of inner and outer healing.

Love & Light,






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Please click the link below to view the full list of private health insurers that offer insurance cover for treatment at Jihye Clinic.